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Think Box Experiment Kits

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Beat the summer heat and make the most of the school hiatus with one of our Think Box kits! With a variety of kits spanning different topics you are sure to find just what you need to keep your kids entertained and learning about the scientific world around them!

Our kits cover topics such as:

  • Weather
  • Space
  • Fossils
  • Building
  • and more!

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Come Visit Us at ASM Microbe 2016!

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Lab Rat Gifts will be attending the ASM Microbe Conference at the Boston Conference and Exhibition Center from June 16-20th!  

We will be at booth #216 Friday- Monday 8am to 3pm 

Come visit for great deals on a ton of merchandise for you and the other science lovers in your life. Spin our Deal Wheel to save even more!

ASM Microbe will be showcasing organizations and hosting events and discussions across different scientific topics and focuses. These topics include applied and environmental science, ecological and evolutionary science, molecular...

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Topic of the Month - Biodiversity!

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The important topic of the month for May 2016 is biodiversity, in honor of International Day for Biological Diversity (May 22nd). It was established by the United Nations to help spread awareness and understanding on issues pertaining to biodiversity. But, why should you care?

Diversity is one important metric for assessing the health of an ecosystem (the other being species evenness). The more diverse an ecosystem is, the more robust and able to cope with changing environmental conditions. Ecosystems that are more diverse are better able to recover from various forms of ecological disruption, such as a natural disaster or...

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Top 10 Gifts That Nerd In Your Life Will LOVE

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Do you have a lab rat in your life? 

Matt the Lab RatNo, not an ACTUAL lab rat, that would be weird, but someone who you’d classify as a lab rat.  Not sure if they qualify? 

Take this quick test and answer these  questions:

  1. Does the person enjoy science?
  2. Does the person enjoy math?
  3. Does the person currently work in a laboratory or research setting?
  4. Would you consider this person one of the smartest people that you know?
  5. Would you consider...

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Come Visit Us at SciX 2015!

Chemistry Science SciX Tradeshows

How's it going fellow Lab Rats?

Lab Rat Gifts

Lab Rat Gifts has begun preparation for SciX 2015 and we're looking forward to getting you set up with our cheesy lab apparel, gifts, and other merch! Come on by and be sure to spin our wheel in Providence, RI!

SciX 2015

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