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The Science Behind Friday The 13th: Why Is It 'Unlucky?'

Science of Superstition

If you are superstitious then today is your unlucky day. 

Friday the 13th rolls around again this year, but why is it so unlucky? Despite the fact there is no logical or scientific reason to support the hype of Friday the 13th, people still strongly believe in it. Ever since the beginning of time, humans have been trying to find ways to explain tragedy and unwanted occurrences. For some people, it’s easier to blame “bad luck” for misfortune rather than succumb to unexplainable pain and suffering.

Today is the second (and last) Friday the 13th of the year. Even though the date...

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Lab Rats Gifts Acquires Three Major Science Gift Industry Brands

science gifts science news

" has officially acquired,, and This acquisition will massively expand the customer base, add additional inventory, and effectively consolidate three major brands in the science gift industry. is committed to offering all the new available products on the site starting November 15th, 2019."

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Lab Rats Gifts Has Acquired,, and!

We here at Lab Rats Gifts have very exciting news to share: we have officially acquired,, and! 

This is a fantastic development for Lab Rats, as we will now be able to offer the selection of these three fantastic websites in one convenient spot — making shopping even easier on Lab Rats Gifts! This acquisition provides all of our customers even more science-themed mugs, drinkware, neckties, bowties, scarves, and a ton of other goodies! Logo has been an international one-stop shop for teachers and business professionals to buy hilarious and science-themed...

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Moon goes by Jupiter on Halloween!

science news

On October 30 and 31, 2019, as darkness falls, look for the brilliant “star” by the moon. That’ll be Jupiter, 5th planet from the sun and our solar system’s largest planet. By November 1 and 2, the moon will be closer to Saturn.

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Halloween Science Fun- DIY Fizzing Cauldron

Classic Science Experiment With a Holiday Twist!

Baking soda and vinegar chemical reactions are always a favorite of kids! Who wouldn’t love all the bubbling and fizzing fun. What happens when you mix an acid and base? You get a gas called carbon dioxide!

You will need a cauldron (or bowl), baking soda, white vinegar, food coloring, dish soap, and some "eyeballs"!

Add a heaping amount of baking soda to your bowl or cauldron. Place on a tray, in the sink, or outside because this can get messy. Add...

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