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Educational Labware

Lab Rat Gifts offers access to high-quality educational lab equipment brands that are used in leading professional laboratories across the globe. Top brands include Abdos Life Sciences, Borosil® Laboratory Glass, Foxx Life Sciences®, and their collaboration brand PUREGRIP® Glass. 

Educational labware is used in schools and universities to aid the development of learning through scientific experimentation, to cultivate a deeper, more profound interest in science. Classroom attained learning through books is ineffectual without understanding the methods and processes behind the words. Laboratory equipment helps take learning to another level through hands-on utilization of the gathered data, to develop logic and rationale. Students learn to apply different techniques while naturally forming conclusions using critical thinking, overall improving their scientific literacy. 

Aside from hands-on experience, laboratory equipment helps students learn how to form a scientific argument through conducting experiments. They are able to review them closely, develop logical reasoning, and respond to analytical comments. Valuable skills are gained to help prepare the next generation of STEM professionals (scientists, engineers, technological, and mathematical focused careers).

Science lab supplies have played an important role in advancements in technologies, as many world-famous scientists and researchers developed a lifelong interest in science while in their school science lab. Encourage scientific learning by investing in quality, up-to-date, and highly advanced educational laboratory equipment for your school or university.