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Topic of the Month - Biodiversity!

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The important topic of the month for May 2016 is biodiversity, in honor of International Day for Biological Diversity (May 22nd). It was established by the United Nations to help spread awareness and understanding on issues pertaining to biodiversity. But, why should you care?

Diversity is one important metric for assessing the health of an ecosystem (the other being species evenness). The more diverse an ecosystem is, the more robust and able to cope with changing environmental conditions. Ecosystems that are more diverse are better able to recover from various forms of ecological disruption, such as a natural disaster or disease.

So why should you care about it? Well considering that we rely on nature to provide food for us, we should be increasingly concerned about the health of our planet. You might not be concerned about the environment where wheat or corn is produced, but slight alterations to the ecosystem in these places could be catastrophic for the people that rely on them.

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For more information you can visit the Convention on Biological Diversity!

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