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Come Visit Us at ASM Microbe 2016!

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Lab Rat Gifts will be attending the ASM Microbe Conference at the Boston Conference and Exhibition Center from June 16-20th!  

We will be at booth #216 Friday- Monday 8am to 3pm 

Come visit for great deals on a ton of merchandise for you and the other science lovers in your life. Spin our Deal Wheel to save even more!

ASM Microbe will be showcasing organizations and hosting events and discussions across different scientific topics and focuses. These topics include applied and environmental science, ecological and evolutionary science, molecular...

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Topic of the Month - Biodiversity!

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The important topic of the month for May 2016 is biodiversity, in honor of International Day for Biological Diversity (May 22nd). It was established by the United Nations to help spread awareness and understanding on issues pertaining to biodiversity. But, why should you care?

Diversity is one important metric for assessing the health of an ecosystem (the other being species evenness). The more diverse an ecosystem is, the more robust and able to cope with changing environmental conditions. Ecosystems that are more diverse are better able to recover from various forms of ecological disruption, such as a natural disaster or...

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Meet Petri - The Workaholic of the Lab Rat Pack

geek gifts lab rat gifts nerd gifts petri science gifts

“What do you need?” Petri asked.

“A couple of my friends have gone missing. I can’t seem to find them,” the distraught rat said.

“When was the last time you saw them? Where did you last see them? Do you remember what day it was?” Petri asked.

“Yeah, last week. Over near the park, where all the business folk eat lunch on their breaks,” the rat continued.

“Okay, okay, what’s your name by the way?”

“Sorry, it’s Trey, my name’s Trey.”

“Okay,” Petri continued, “I just need a couple more things from you and I’ll get working on it.”

Petri was the local...

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Slacker - The Newest Addition To The Lab Rats

geek gifts lab rat gifts nerd gifts science gifts Slacker

Slacker the Lab Rat picks the chemistry and geek gifts“I like you, you remind me a lot of me. So I’m gonna help you, see?” Slacker told the lost and bewildered new rat in town.

Dutch was new in town and started to count his blessings that he had just met Slacker when…

“Slacker…what do you think you’re doing?” Jimmy Two Shakes asked walking up behind him.

Slacker took a deep breath.

“Now, Slacky, you KNOW that this is my part of town and ANYBODY new, and I mean ANYBODY new sees me first, right? Jimmy continued.

“Hey Jimmy, good...

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Do You Own An iPhone or Galaxy? We've Got The Perfect Case For Your Phone!

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Heck, who doesn’t like getting gifts after the holidays, right?

Think long and hard…

As you read this, someone will probably come to mind that you have forgotten to get a gift for.

Could it be that nerd in your life? That relative who is always glued to the latest issue of Scientific American?

Whoever it is, we have the perfect present. With the majority of cell phone users owning either a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone, it’s a pretty good bet that a new cell phone case would make the ideal gift.

Do we have some you ask? Why we surely do....

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