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Do You Own An iPhone or Galaxy? We've Got The Perfect Case For Your Phone!

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Heck, who doesn’t like getting gifts after the holidays, right?

Think long and hard…

As you read this, someone will probably come to mind that you have forgotten to get a gift for.

Could it be that nerd in your life? That relative who is always glued to the latest issue of Scientific American?

Whoever it is, we have the perfect present. With the majority of cell phone users owning either a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone, it’s a pretty good bet that a new cell phone case would make the ideal gift.

Do we have some you ask? Why we surely do.

Here’s a closer look:

Amazing Exclusive SEM Collection – Human Hair Cases (Various iPhones & Galaxys)

Human Hair iPhone or Galaxy Phone case 

This one is weird, interesting and intriguing all in one.

You won’t be able to stop staring at it. Take a look and you’ll see why. It also makes for an interesting game.

Just cover the title at the bottom of the case and have people try to guess what it is. At first glance you may get guesses like peeling paint, rain or perhaps even a tree branch.

Know someone who just needs to have the MOST unique phone case?

Yeah, you just found it.

Amazing Exclusive SEM Collection – Kidney Stone Cases (Various iPhones & Galaxys)

iphone or galaxy phone case from lab rat giftsOkay, so this one doesn’t look AS weird as the human hair. In fact it actually looks like shards of glass or even a scene out of star wars, but when you see what it REALLY is, then you’re like – dude, weird.

This image of a kidney stone is all kinds of weirdness.

We’re not even sure what to say except that you’ll only get it here.

Know an Anatomy and Physiology freak? This one’s for them.


Dee Dee Protective Case (Various iPhones & Galaxys)

dee dee protective iphone and galaxy phone caseAre you a fan of Dexter, but want another character like…Dee Dee?

If you or someone you know absolutely loves Dexter, then this case is what you need to get them. Especially if they are fans of his annoying older sister.

You’ll leave them pushing buttons on their phone with their new case uttering her famous line – “Ooooohhh, what does this button do?”

If you don’t get it, don’t worry. If you started laughing, then yeah, you get it.

DEXTER Case (Various iPhones & Galaxys)

dexter iphone case galaxy caseWhat lab rat or nerd DOESN’T Love Dexter? Can you think of one because we sure can’t.

In all of his nerdy glory, oops meant intellectual bad ass, Dexter can be found with his variety of expressions.

Your nerd will be the envy of the entire lab when he pulls out his customized Dexter case.


E.Coli Phone Case In Black & White Or Color (Various iPhones & Galaxys)

e. coli happens ecoli e.coli phone caseHave you figure out the play on words here? 
If you immediately got it, then congrats! You are a nerd, sorry intellectual bad ass, we keep messing that up!

If you didn’t get it, think about the many different saying that is followed with the phrase “happens.”

Got it? Good.

There are tons and tons of other phone cases here that will fit most needs. If you are looking for even more cases, then check out the entire collection we have at Lab Rat Gifts.

We’re certain that you’ll be able to find your “after Christmas” gift for that lab rat or nerd in your life.

Sorry, did it again. We meant that intellectual bad ass in your life!

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