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Top 10 Gifts That Nerd In Your Life Will LOVE

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Do you have a lab rat in your life? 

Matt the Lab RatNo, not an ACTUAL lab rat, that would be weird, but someone who you’d classify as a lab rat.  Not sure if they qualify? 

Take this quick test and answer these  questions:

  1. Does the person enjoy science?
  2. Does the person enjoy math?
  3. Does the person currently work in a laboratory or research setting?
  4. Would you consider this person one of the smartest people that you know?
  5. Would you consider this person a Nerd?

Okay, if you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, then you’d probably consider them a lab rat. 

So what do you get the lab rat that has everything?

Well, Lab Rat Gifts of course.  Here’s a look at the top 10 gifts (in no particular order) to get that lab rat in your life this Christmas Season.

Chem C1000 Science Kit


Chem C1000 Thames and Kosmos Lab Rat GiftsInvisible ink, dissolving metals and 125 experiments – Who could ask for anything more?  This will make the perfect gift for anyone ages 10 years or older.

Chem C2000 Science Kit

A little more advanced than the C1000, this kit will explore combustion, chemical reactions and more.  At 250 experiments for anyone ages 11 years or older, this will make for an interesting 2016.

Remote-Control Machines:  Space Explorers Science Kit

The ultimate in remote controlled robotic rovers, with this kit you’ll be able to build a replica of the rovers used to explore Mars.  Except this one will be exploring the backyard or sandboxes, which are infinitely more fun.  Youngsters ages 8 years or older will absolutely love this kit.

May The Force Be With You T-Shirt

We have Smart Phones and Smart Cars, why not a Smart Shirt?  With Star Wars making a return, the Lab Rat in your life will love this shirt.  It may take a while for others to get “it,” which is another great reason to pick this up, as it would make a great conversation piece.

Infectious Awareables Waterborne Six Scarf

Another piece of clothing that will definitely have the party abuzz.  This neat scarf is adorned with designs such as Avian flu, Anthrax and Ebola.  Better on the scarf than in your system.

Science Is Awesome T-Shirt

It is, it REALLY is.  For that Science lover in your life, this simple gift will go a long way.

Nerd?  I Prefer The Term Intellectual Bad Ass 15 oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler

This tumbler includes a twist on lid and straw.  Bad Ass-ness not included.








Ah The Element Of Surprise T-Shirt

We’re pretty sure that the Element of Surprise is NOT on the periodic table, but it’s sure to get a laugh from those around you.

Check Box Lab Rat! T-Shirt

Black shirt – check.  Great material – check.  Lab Rat Check Box – check.

World’s Best Scientist! Mug

This 12 oz. ceramic mug will be perfect for the scientist in your life.  You already knew they were the best, now this mug will just confirm it!

If you know of a Nerd, Scientist or Lab rat that could use a smile, then be sure to check out Lab Rat Gifts. 

That Nerd, excuse me, Intellectual Bad Ass, will surely thank you.



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