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Lab Rat Gifts Exhibits at Pittcon

Lab Rat Gifts (LRG) was one out of 919 exhibitors at the annual Pittcon Conference last week in New Orleans. Pittcon is one of the largest Laboratory Science conferences, bringing in over 18,000 attendees from around the world.

“We were able to display a wide array of products offered on for thousands of attendees, who may have never seen a booth like this before,” stated Lisa Breton the COO of Lab Rat Gifts.

The Nanobugs™ and Infectious Awareables™ lines were launched with great success.

Foxx at Pittcon 2015

Our infamous “Prize Wheel” could be heard from rows over in the New Exhibitors area. Attendees from all over the world stopped by Booth 425 to spin for a chance to win a LRG prize. The price for admission? Only a business card. Even Dr. Pete Conn, the Pittcon mascot, took a turn at the wheel.

“I am ecstatic that the level of interest in Lab Rats went above and beyond our expectations,” said Brian Abbott, Chief Slacker. “We knew it would be a hit, but I never realized it could be this big.”

Lab researchers, Sales and Marketing professionals, and students alike all got to experience the excitement of the World’s First Cheesy Lab Gifts eStore!

After a successful exposition in New Orleans, LRG will be exhibiting at their next conference Experimental Biology March 29th, in Boston Massachusetts at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.


Lab Rat Gifts is the leader in scientific themed gifts, including mugs, t-shirts, drinkware, plush dolls, and ties and scarves. Visit us at or email

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