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Celebrate Embrace your Geekness Day with Lab Rat Gifts!

From Pokemon fans and Final Fantasy nerds, to LARP'ers and Quidditch players, rise up and be proud! Don your comic book shirts and your lightsabers, polish up your gunblades, raise your wands, and bundle up your pokeballs! Embrace Your Geekness Day is for you! No matter what your fandom or what brings a skip to your step, cry it loud and proud! The Geek and fan community is truly one of the most amazing and creative groups out there, and every year more geeks are making their fandoms louder and prouder!

Here at Lab Rat Gifts we thrive off of the passion of geeks and nerds alike and this special holiday seems like it was design just for us. We want to thank all of our customers and supporters for their passions that drive us forward.

Thank you!

-Lab Rat Gifts 

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