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6 Kits That Will Blow Your Junior Scientist's Mind

So you have a junior scientist at home, curious as ever and never satisfied with how much they're learning. The worst part is probably that these kids are always experimenting to find out new stuff and such experiments can often be unsafe. Since curiosity and boredom is the worst possible combination for these kids, sufficient scientific learning and continuous brainstorming is the only way to keep them safe and sated and science kits are the perfect solution. Varying widely in the type of kits, ranging from physics, chemistry, biology, archaeology, paleontology and more, these kids are perfect to keep your junior scientists engaged and promote learning in a safe and supervised manner.

So here are 6 science kits from that will excite and satisfy your kid's thirst for science!

1. CHEM C3000 Kit:

Chemistry is science at the most elemental level. Often due to the visual appeal of intriguing reactions, it is the first specialized science subject to interest bright young minds. But such curiosity and interest in chemical reactions, if misplaced, can lead to a lot of destruction and can even turn out to be unsafe for your kids, but no more! This ultimate chemistry kit contains dozens of tools and chemicals and 192-page experiment manual to facilitate conducting of over 333 experiments. Not only does it introduce kids to chemistry with a hands-on approach, it's also an excellent way to prepare for high school level chemistry with all the advanced topics this kit teaches.

 2. Crystal Growing Kit:

Crystals are extremely fascinating chemicals to look at, but they're even more fascinating to grow. With different types of crystals having different shapes and colors, growing crystals is a perfect science experiment for your young scientist. This classic science kit allows the growing of dozens of different crystals through 15 illuminating experiments as guided by a detailed manual. Your kid can even grow crystals on different plaster shapes like stars, dolphins etc in various colors with the help of dyes, thus keeping your kid engrossed for days in the end.

 3. Global Water Quality Kit:

Water, ie. H2O is one of the very first chemicals kids are taught about. Being omnipresent, it is required in almost all chemical reactions. So the scope for conducting experiments on water is very wide. Being one of our biggest natural resources, scientists, educators, and students throughout the world have taken up the water quality and purification and now your kid can join in. Through this award-winning classic kit, your little genius can test water quality through pH analysis, experiment with water purification through evaporation and even build a water filter tower to clean dirty water to further the cause of reaching clean water to people around the world through science in his own little way.

 4. Dynamo Torch Kit:

If physics is the subject for your kid, this experiment kit is one of the first things your junior should definitely try out. Energy conversion is one of the primary topics taught at a school in physics, this experiment which converts simple mechanical energy into electrical energy is a minimalistic marvel of science that is bound to fascinate your kid and further his learning through practical application. This kit includes a toy motor, gears, LED light bulb and plastic casing along with a detailed instruction manual which is all that's required to turn a simple toy motor into a generator which can light up a bulb and can even be used as an emergency torch. Not only does this kit give your kid a chance to have a hands-on approach to the subject, but also promotes the cause of green renewable energy in your kid from a very young age.

 5. Genetics & DNA Kit:  

The role of science in life is enumerated through biology and the intriguing mysteries of life and science intertwined, can be very stimulating to the young mind of your junior scientist. DNA and genetics being at the very root of biology, it's a great place to start for any young science enthusiastic. This classic kit having over 20 experiments in it, allows your kid to closely inspect DNA and genetic material is taken from vegetables, which clears his concepts and promotes practical learning while teaching advanced topics like recessive and dominant genes and how traits are expressed through genes.

 6. Forensics Fingerprint Lab Kit:

Watching forensic experts directly finding the criminals through fingerprints in crime thrillers, Forensic science and the science of fingerprinting can be very intriguing to your kid. Through this fingerprint kit, your junior science sleuth can learn why fingers leave prints and why they are solid evidence in criminal cases. They can collect fingerprints on a clear sticker after dusting them with black powder and can even make a fingerprint file card with fingerprints from all your friends and family. This kit can also be coupled with a detective game to put your kid's skills to test.

These were 6 kits that can prove to be a great stepping stone in the path of your kid. Not only do they further and promote learning through fun and interesting experiments, it helps them understand the importance and practical applications of science in our daily life through a hands-on approach.

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