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"Remote-Control Machines: Animals" - Science Kit

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Construct a whole zoo's worth of remote-controlled animals with mechanical insides covered by colorful plastic "skins". The animals all move using different mechanisms, each one mimicking the movement of the real animal it represents. A two-button remote control unit moves the small, lightweight motor forward and in reverse, allowing the models to move forward or backward.

Build an elephant that walks, a scorpion that crawls along, and a cute little penguin that waddles. Construct a rabbit that bounds forward, a crab that scurries sideways, and an orangutan that climbs hand over hand along a string. You can even build a couple of dinosaurs: a Tyrannosaurus rex that walks on two legs and a Pteranodon that "flies" along a cord. Learn about animal locomotion and biomechanics as you build each model. When you are done use the same 100 building pieces to dream up your own animal creations! You can even mix up animal skins in funny ways to make outrageous hybrid animals.

A full- color, 36-page step-by-step illustrated manual helps kids assemble all of the models, and teaches them about the animals they are modeling and the ways different animals move.

  • Ages 8+
  • 8 models
  • 36 page manual

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