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"Creative Cosmetics Lab" - Science Kit

"Creative Cosmetics Lab" - Science Kit

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  • Explore the chemistry of skin care and beauty products
  • Make molded glycerin soaps
  • Design fizzing bath bombs
  • Make soap dough and bath jellies
  • Experiment with perfume and dye
  • Make a sea salt body scrub
Experience the beautiful side of biology and chemistry with this unique collection of experiments focusing on the science of skin care, body care, and beauty products. Mix raw materials to make colorful hot-pour glycerin soaps. Design fizzing bath bombs in fun molded shapes. Experiment with fragrance oil and dye. Make a sea salt body scrub to exfoliate, clean, and moisturize your skin. Make soap dough and bath jellies. Package your creations in professional cosmetic jars and label them with stickers to make gifts for your friends and family. 
Conduct real chemistry experiments with the included materials as well as common substances from your bathroom at home to learn about the chemical properties of soaps, oils, gels, lotions, and salts. Discover acids, bases, pH, and chemical reactions. 
Learn how to care for your skin, hair, and nails so they are healthy and radiant. Build a foundation in basic dermatology. The manual also includes recipes instructing you how to make your own personalized beauty formulas with natural ingredients from your local market. Read about the hygiene and safety necessary for proper skin care. 
A full-color, 32-page manual guides you through the science and history of cosmetics, and offers instructions for beauty recipes and chemistry experiments. Made in Germany.


  • Ages 8+
  • 10 experiments
  • 32 page manual


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